What is a Buy-Sell Agreement and Why Does Your Business Need One?

Do you have dreams of starting your own business? If you want to have a chance to succeed, there is a nearly endless number of contracts and agreements that you will probably need to utilize to ensure that you are prepared for whatever your growing company will have to face. If you are going to have any co-owners, then one of the most important of those agreements is the “Buy-Sell Agreement.” It would be Read More

Intellectual Property Law: Understanding the Difference Between Copyrights and Trademarks

Intellectual property law can be convoluted and confusing, but also essential to your company’s success. We’d all love to believe that our competitors will play fairly or that our own employees will always be loyal. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that you have to expect and prepare for the worst in people. You work hard to be innovative and creative. You provide a product or a service that people enjoy. You Read More

Understanding the Exceptions to At-Will Employment

California’s Labor Code, like most states, officially recognizes that an employment relationship that does not specify a definitive time-period for the job is considered “at-will” employment. This means that the employer has the right to terminate the employment without cause or warning, just as the employee has the right to end the employment relationship themselves at any time, without prior notice. However, Read More

Three Ways to Protect Your Business from the Threat of a Lawsuit

When you own a business, you obviously want to do whatever it takes to keep operations running smoothly and avoid expensive lawsuits that drain both money and time. This article examines three ways that you can protect your business from litigation. Be Honest and Professional at All Times Owners and employees alike should refrain from saying or doing anything that could be considered unethical. This Read More

Four Reasons Your Business MUST Have an Employee Handbook

If you’re running a business, an employee handbook is a must-have. Although not a legal requirement, a handbook informs your staff of all workplace rules so there is no room for ambiguity or guesswork. They will know what is expected of them and what they can expect from you in return. Should a disgruntled worker try to take you to court later, a handbook can provide your company with legal protection. Below is a Read More

California Business Strategy: The Advantages of an S-Corporation

An S-corporation is a special corporate structure which provides the legal protection of a traditional corporation to a business, while also minimizing tax obligation. Like a sole proprietorship or partnership, S-corporations pass corporate income, losses, credits, and deductions through to shareholders for federal tax purposes. These shareholders report the profits and losses on their personal tax returns and are Read More

Starting a Business? Here Are Five Tips for Success

Starting your own business can be exhilarating. You have the opportunity to control your own destiny, determine who you work with, and have the chance to translate something you enjoy doing into financial rewards – all on your terms. But before starting a business in California, you need to have a solid business plan and consider the associated legal issues, which include: Selecting the right business Read More

Four Tips for Successful California Real Estate Investing

Are you a real estate investor, or perhaps considering getting into the market? In this blog entry we offer four tips that will improve your chances of success. Realistic goals and expectations: Rental real estate investing can provide you with a long-term and steady income, but you’ll have to work for it. The days of buying properties and flipping them for a quick and massive profit are gone. Be prepared to do Read More

Kristen Kuse Featured in NFIB

Attorney Kristen Kuse was recently featured in a National Federation of Independent Business article on how to handle breach of contract. Click here to read the full article! Read More

California Business Strategy: Advantages and Disadvantages of the “C” Corporation

It’s possible to operate a business without creating a legal entity for it - and many California business owners do exactly that. But if your business is anything  more than a hobby, it’s wise to incorporate. There are many options when it comes to your legal structure, and in this blog entry we look at the advantages and disadvantages of a corporate structure. Personal asset security: When you own a corporation, Read More