Five Things You Can Do to Prevent Your Business from Being Sued

Lawsuits and other legal issues can be some of the most expensive costs for your company. Attorney fees can add up quickly, and any monetary damages that must be paid to a client, prior employee, vendor, or another injured party can be very substantial as well. The best way to reduce such costs is to avoid getting sued in the first place. Unfortunately, that is often easier said than done. You can take certain Read More

Business Owners: Protecting Yourself from Third Party Harassment

Sexual harassment is a serious problem in today’s workforce. However, not all sexual harassment occurs within a company. Third parties can also create a hostile work environment by harassing employees. Many employers may be surprised to know that they can be held liable for sexual harassment committed by third parties. These third parties could include vendors, clients, customers, delivery drivers, or even Read More

What to Do When Your Employee Gets Injured on the Job

There’s one call every employer hopes they never receive; one of your employees has been injured on the job. If your business involves traditionally dangerous work, you may not be surprised to get this call, but workplace injuries, even severe ones, can happen at literally any company that employs people, in any line of work. In fact, one of the most common causes of a workplace injury is a simple fall, something Read More

Three Ways to Protect Your Business from the Threat of a Lawsuit

When you own a business, you obviously want to do whatever it takes to keep operations running smoothly and avoid expensive lawsuits that drain both money and time. This article examines three ways that you can protect your business from litigation. Be Honest and Professional at All Times Owners and employees alike should refrain from saying or doing anything that could be considered unethical. This Read More

Small Business Insurance: How Much Do You Need?

There are so many choices when it comes to small business insurance, so what small business insurance do you need and how much?  In order to protect yourself and your small business, you should have small business insurance in place, the types of small business insurance and the amounts will vary, but here are some ideas of what you should consider: General Liability This small business insurance should protect you Read More

Employee Handbook Pitfalls; Small Business Owners Beware

An employee handbook is an important part of making sure your small business runs smoothly.  Once you start to bring on employees, an employee handbook should be drafted, maintained, and updated to reflect your current policies as well as those required by law.  When reviewing an employee handbook for a small business client, I often see provisions included that, although are mandated by law, are not applicable Read More

Do You Know What Insurance Your Small Business Needs?

Let’s talk insurance. I know that’s a little like saying, “Gee, wouldn’t a root canal be fun?” But insurance is a very necessary conversation in the life of any small business. Not every business is the same and not every business needs the same type of insurance coverage. You first need to perform a straightforward assessment of what insurance your business actually needs.  Here are a few things to think Read More