4 Key Reasons Why Investment Bankers Should Hire Legal Counsel

Investment banking is a complex, and often very high-stakes industry where everything has to be handled correctly to avoid potentially dire consequences. With multi-million dollar transactions commonly taking place, investment banks are wise to take every step possible to prevent and avoid legal issues. One of the best, and most common, practices for investment bankers is to hire external legal counsel to represent Read More

3 Harmful Myths & Misconceptions About General Counsel Services

Without truly understanding the benefits of having general counsel, you might be under the impression that you don’t need it. This could end up costing you and adding unnecessary frustration for you if you do face a legal issue. Having general counsel at the ready for when issues emerge makes your life and running your business much easier. Read on to learn more about some of the most common myths about using general Read More

Boilerplate Contract Provisions that May Be Harmful

Boilerplate contract provisions are those “standard” provisions that you see in almost every contract. The boilerplate contract provisions are usually found in the “fine print” that you mentally skip over because it's boilerplate and therefore you think it cannot be changed. Some of that standard language, however, can really hurt you. Here are some of the potentially more dangerous boilerplate contract Read More

How to Answer a Lawsuit

The answer to how to answer a lawsuit may not be at the top of your mind until one day when you're minding your store as the owner of your business and someone you've never seen before walks in and hands you and envelope saying,  "You've been served.” You open the envelope and see a summons and a complaint with your company’s name in the spot for “defendant.” You have been sued. Now what? Now you have to find out how Read More

What Do You Need to Start a Small Business?

What Do You Need to Start a Small Business?  In some cases you may need to hire a small business attorney and in some cases you may not. It's probably always a good idea to speak with a small business attorney before starting a business, however there are some times when you may be able to get away with not doing so.  An instance you may not need to consult a small business attorney is if you are starting a Read More

Contract Terms and Conditions That Could Be Helpful

When entering into an agreement the contract terms and conditions should be read and assessed based on multiple factors, to include the outcome you wish to achieve.  When evaluating the contract language, there are some “standard” contract terms and conditions that can really hurt you if you don’t understand it or agree to it.  Additionally, there are some contract terms and conditions that can be very helpful to you Read More

Employment Policies – What’s So Special About Them?

Everyone talks about employment policies, I'm sure that is what you are thinking as a small business owner.  But, what are employment policies and why do you need them? Employment policies are often disseminated in the form of an employee handbook.  This book sets forth the employment policies that your small business has in place.  There is a valid argument to have employment policies, even if your business is Read More

Non-Disclosure Agreement: Do I need one in California?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement in California is an agreement between two or more people or companies that limit what secrets, if any, you will share with them and what the other person to the agreement can do with those secrets.  I'll provide a couple examples of instances when a Non-Disclosure Agreement may be warranted: Example No. 1: You decide to go into business with someone else to develop your new iPhone Read More

How To Find An Attorney To Represent Your Small Business When You Have Been Sued

How to Find an Attorney Of course, as a small business owner one of the relationships you should form early on is one with a small business attorney.  But, if you need to figure out how to find an attorney, then you can follow one or more of these steps: 1. Ask Around. You can ask for recommendations from (1) other business owners; (2) professionals, such as your insurance broker, accountants, bankers and others Read More

Legal Forms: A Good Idea for Small Business Use?

I am running across more and more small business owners who have declared to me that practicing law is a matter of completing legal forms.  Well, sort of. What these small business owners are missing is multi-fold: 1)  There are plenty of legal forms on the internet and elsewhere, but part of the issue is knowing which legal forms to complete. 2)  The form you may think you need may not be the correct form at Read More