Contract Terms and Conditions That Could Be Helpful

When entering into an agreement the contract terms and conditions should be read and assessed based on multiple factors, to include the outcome you wish to achieve.  When evaluating the contract language, there are some “standard” contract terms and conditions that can really hurt you if you don’t understand it or agree to it.  Additionally, there are some contract terms and conditions that can be very helpful to you Read More

Non-Disclosure Agreement: Do I need one in California?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement in California is an agreement between two or more people or companies that limit what secrets, if any, you will share with them and what the other person to the agreement can do with those secrets.  I'll provide a couple examples of instances when a Non-Disclosure Agreement may be warranted: Example No. 1: You decide to go into business with someone else to develop your new iPhone Read More

Arbitration: How Does It Work?

Arbitration can be an alternative for your business to filing a lawsuit in court and ultimately going to trial. You are probably wondering what that means, so read on... Usually, you will agree to arbitrate in advance in your contract as the method which any dispute would be resolved. You may want to check you contracts and see if they have these provisions that will guide you should you find your self in the Read More

General Partnership Agreement Terms

A general partnership is a flexible form of business entity, however, as discussed in my blog post about general partnerships, it does not afford much protection from liabilities.  In order to make the best of your general partnership, if that's the business entity that you are forming, you should have a written general partnership agreement.  This agreement should memorialize, in detail, various terms of your Read More

Your Independent Contractor Agreement Shouldn’t Be Virtual Even When Your Employees Are

You need to cut costs. Sure, who doesn’t these days? Layoffs and reduced staffing seem to be the order of the day. But you still need to keep your customers happy and that means you can’t afford to cut back on services.  Like so many other small businesses, you’ve turned to the internet to find Independent Contractors to pick up the slack without inflating your personnel costs. The “no frills” concept of hiring Read More

Buy-Sell Agreement – Or – What Can Happen to Your Small Business When One Of Your Partners Leaves?

Starting a small business of your own can be a truly exhilarating experience.  In the excitement of watching your dreams come to light right before your eyes, you may very well overlook one of the most important contracts you need to have in hand when you start your small business (if you have one or more partners) – the buy-sell agreement between co-owners. Simply put, every closely held company, whether a Read More