How To Dissolve a Business, Do You Know What To Do?

So, you're asking how to dissolve a business?  Well, I'm sure you know the answer, that is "It depends."  How to dissolve a business is dependent on many factors including what , if any, business entity you have, what kind of business you are running, whether there is debt involved, your reasons for dissolving your business, etc.  All of these pieces must fit together into an orchestrated event to determine how to Read More

Closing A Business: What To Do

Closing a business or thinking about it?  Well, it can be as easy as just closing the doors, but usually closing a business requires a few more steps than that.  Of course,the best way for closing a business will depend on how your business is set up.  Unfortunately, there is no easy answer because there are as may ways to set up a business as there are ways to close it and for each way a business is set up there Read More

What Do You Need to Start a Small Business?

What Do You Need to Start a Small Business?  In some cases you may need to hire a small business attorney and in some cases you may not. It's probably always a good idea to speak with a small business attorney before starting a business, however there are some times when you may be able to get away with not doing so.  An instance you may not need to consult a small business attorney is if you are starting a Read More