Best Small Business to Start Up

Ever wondered how to start the best small business?  I often wonder what is the most successful.  Being a small business lawyer, I see many types of small businesses and listen to many different small business ideas, but the best small business can vary widely depending on where you are, both physically and in your life, what your likes and dislikes are, are many other considerations.  Of course, every year several Read More

Small Business Idea, Add a Dash of Planning, Voila!

Got a small business idea?  Many people these days are branching out from the large corporate jobs that were the norm one or two decades ago and going it on their own.  All it takes is a small business idea and a lot of perseverance.  Of course, we all have been witness to how one small business idea can turn into multi-millions or billions of dollars, but that is the exception to the rule and not the norm.  Not Read More