Boilerplate Contract Provisions that May Be Harmful

Boilerplate contract provisions are those “standard” provisions that you see in almost every contract. The boilerplate contract provisions are usually found in the “fine print” that you mentally skip over because it's boilerplate and therefore you think it cannot be changed. Some of that standard language, however, can really hurt you. Here are some of the potentially more dangerous boilerplate contract Read More

What Do You Need to Start a Small Business?

What Do You Need to Start a Small Business?  In some cases you may need to hire a small business attorney and in some cases you may not. It's probably always a good idea to speak with a small business attorney before starting a business, however there are some times when you may be able to get away with not doing so.  An instance you may not need to consult a small business attorney is if you are starting a Read More

Contract Terms and Conditions That Could Be Helpful

When entering into an agreement the contract terms and conditions should be read and assessed based on multiple factors, to include the outcome you wish to achieve.  When evaluating the contract language, there are some “standard” contract terms and conditions that can really hurt you if you don’t understand it or agree to it.  Additionally, there are some contract terms and conditions that can be very helpful to you Read More

Use a Prejudgment Writ of Attachment to Enforce Your Contract

What is a prejudgment writ of attachment anyway?  Well, what if right at the beginning of a lawsuit you could have the sheriff take assets from the other party to the contract in an amount that would satisfy a judgment on a breach of contract claim? Well, in in some circumstances and for certain types of lawsuits, you actually can do that. That is the purpose of a a prejudgment writ of attachment. The benefits to Read More