5 Benefits to Having Outsourced General Counsel

Legal advice is often a “must-have” for businesses, large and small. However, how you get your legal advice is likely not the same for each type of business. Smaller to medium-sized businesses may not need on-staff lawyers, but having someone available for legal projects at all times may make sense for a larger company.

Outsourced in-house counsel can be a great option for businesses that do not have the need or ability to retain a full-time attorney. In fact, there are many benefits to having outsourced general counsel.

  1.     Availability

When you hire a particular attorney or team of lawyers as your general counsel, you have the option of having on-call legal services whenever you need them. You can have your general counsel attend meetings or look over documents with very little notice. Having someone on-call that has the experience you need is extremely valuable.

  1.     Familiarity

Having the same team help your business time after time allows the attorney to become familiar with you, your company, and your business’s goals for the future. The combination of familiarity and availability lets you avoid wasting time and money.

  1.     Affordability

Using the same general counsel each time your business has a legal issue is much more cost-effective than using a separate firm for any matter that may arise. There is no need for your general counsel to re-familiarize him or herself with your business, and they can draw on experience to provide faster, more effective legal advice. You also never pay for services that you do not use.

  1.     Flexibility

You can use your outsourced general counsel as much or as little as you need. As your business grows, your legal needs may grow as well. Your general counsel can also grow with you—as your needs increase, you can simply use your outsourced general counsel more.

  1.     Efficiency

Having general counsel on call allows the non-legal members of your team to focus on their tasks. There is no need to contact other firms to determine who can do what, and how much it will cost. Whenever you have a legal question, you simply pick up the phone or shoot out an email. The entire process is efficient and results in less down time.

Outsourcing your general counsel can be the perfect combination for many businesses. At Integrated General Counsel, P.C., we help companies with their legal needs on a regular basis, and we understand that you want an answer or advice and want to move on with operating your business. Give us a call today to learn more about our general counsel services.

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