Are all of your business contracts in writing or do you work on a handshake basis?

Most businesses enter into agreements every day; it is part of owning and running a company. Many types of contracts exist. Depending on your business, you may enter into agreements with vendors, clients, independent contractors, or some other person or entity. Generally speaking, you should have all of your business agreements documented in writing. This is recommended for your protection and the protection of your entity. Having your agreements in writing is important because contracts spell out the terms of the agreement not only at the conception of the business relationship, but also in the future when potential conflicts may need to be resolved.

You may ask yourself “Why do I need an attorney when I can just go on-line and, for a small fee, download the blank contract I think I need?” The answer is quite simple: an attorney can draft contracts specifically for your business with terms tailored to your company’s requirements. An internet provided form or contract that is designed to fit all sectors of industry operating in all fifty states is a very high risk document that, in most cases, will not protect you when needed. Integrated General Counsel will help you draft and negotiate the right business contracts, with all the appropriate terms and conditions, to protect you and your business should any disputes arise.

Whatever your contractual needs, whether it’s drafting individual business contracts, creating standard forms, negotiating one or all of your business agreements, or creating and/or managing an approved bank of contracts specifically designed for your business’ use, Integrated General Counsel is here to help you determine your next steps. If you are ready for a results-driven plan of action, contact us today!