California Government Fights Fee Collection

With the signing of Senate Bill 666 by Governor Gavin Newsom last October, the state is tightening the reins on commercial financing providers. Intended to help the Golden State’s small businesses, this legislation attempts to curb some practices that can burden small businesses with unnecessary costs. Overview of S.B. 666 Senate Bill 666 brings significant changes to the California Financing Law, specifically Read More

California’s Stance on Noncompete Clauses

In 2023, California affirmed its stance against noncompete clauses with the passage of Assembly Bill 1076 and Senate Bill 699. This move has not only reshaped the way businesses operate within the state but may also set a precedent that could influence the implementation of employment law well beyond California's borders. Assembly Bill 1076 Assembly Bill 1076 essentially nullified all noncompete agreements by Read More

Simplifying Cal/OSHA Workplace Safety in California

Running a business in California means playing by some strict rules, especially when it comes to workplace safety. Cal/OSHA sets the standards high, way above what federal OSHA requires. Cal/OSHA demands thorough hazard assessments, effective safety training for your employees, and a proactive approach to health and safety management. You'll need to keep detailed records of any incidents and be ready for Cal/OSHA Read More

Cracking the Code of California’s E-Commerce Laws

E-commerce and online businesses in California operate within a comprehensive legal framework that impacts virtually every aspect of their operations. This framework encompasses a variety of state and federal laws addressing consumer protection, privacy, taxation, and intellectual property rights. For entrepreneurs and companies aiming to thrive in the digital marketplace, a thorough understanding of these Read More

Surveillance in the Workplace: How Far Can Employers Legally Go?

The topic of workplace surveillance presents a complex discussion for employers, both ethically and legally. With the increasing availability and sophistication of surveillance technologies, it's essential for business owners to understand the legal boundaries and requirements. This month, we’re delving into the topic of permissible surveillance for California employers, aiming to clarify what is legally acceptable Read More

Understanding the FMLA: An Overview for California Business Owners

Designed to provide some protection to employees affected by unforeseen circumstances, the federal Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) seeks to ensure that they do not have to choose between their job and their health or family obligations. It does this by granting eligible employees up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave per year for specific family and medical reasons. Effective compliance not only protects your Read More

“Ban the Box” in California: Key Information for Business Owners

In California, the "Ban the Box" law marks a pivotal change in hiring practices, particularly regarding the rights of employees with a history in the legal system. This law, part of a wider movement across the United States, aims to eliminate the checkbox on job applications that inquires about criminal records. Its purpose is to reduce discrimination against individuals with previous convictions, offering them a Read More

Has Your Partnership with General Counsel Evolved?

The role of general counsel in businesses has evolved significantly over time. Initially focused mainly on legal compliance and risk mitigation, general counsel today is much more involved in the broader aspects of business strategy. This shift is in response to the evolving business and regulatory environment, requiring general counsel to be not only legal advisors but also strategic partners, risk managers, and Read More

The Importance of Having a Skilled Litigator by Your Side

When there’s an uncertain economic climate, companies face a surge in legal challenges that require not just legal representation, but excellent litigation skills. Every legal situation will require skillful strategizing, which means that not every attorney will be the right person for the case. A litigator brings a unique set of skills to the table, differing from general attorneys in several key aspects. For Read More

Tools of the Trade: Appropriate Compensation for Personal Work Tools

The dilemma surrounding the provision of work tools or compensating employees for using their own tools is a significant challenge for employers, particularly in California. This issue not only has financial implications but also requires strict adherence to labor laws. California's unique labor regulations are designed to protect employee rights and ensure fair compensation, but often leave employers left to sift Read More