Inventors: How to Patent Your Invention

If you are an inventor, you need to learn the basics of patenting your idea or creation before launching it in your business or through other commercial means. If you do not take these steps, then you risk someone stealing your idea without any meaningful repercussions. Patenting your idea does not have to be a huge obstacle, but because the process is technical, it can be a little daunting. However, if you keep good Read More

Have You Performed a Legal Audit of Your Business? You Should!

You have a lot going on with your business as you deal with big-picture strategy as well as daily operations. In the hustle and bustle, it can be easy to overlook your legal requirements under local, state, and occasionally federal law. Even if you do your best to comply, things can slip by fast, and one mix-up can end up costing your business thousands of dollars or even forcing you into bankruptcy. How can you Read More

5 Items You Need to Include in Your Website’s Privacy Policy

If you run a website, blog, or an app, then having a privacy policy is essential. A privacy policy tells your visitors what data you are collecting from them and how it will be stored and used. The purpose of such a policy, aside from being a requirement under the law, is to build trust with your readers or users, which in turn can help your business thrive at a time when mistrust of the internet and data collection Read More

A Brief Q&A on Crowdfunding

In recent years, crowdfunding has been all over the place. If you’ve managed to avoid any knowledge of crowdfunding, the short story is that it’s a new way for people to raise money. There are several different platforms these days, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and each has a different process you must navigate to raise funds. For the purpose of this blog, we’ll focus on crowdfunding in general to provide a broad Read More

Why Do So Many Companies Choose to Incorporate in Delaware?

If you are starting a new business, you might want to think about incorporating in Delaware. More than half of the publicly traded companies in the U.S. are incorporated there. The state laws of Delaware provide five main benefits to businesses. Read on to learn more about these benefits and how they might help you. 1.   Solve disputes with a judge, not a jury. The Delaware Court of Chancery, which was Read More

“A Client Threatened to Sue Me. What Should I Do?”

As a business owner, there are few things that are worse than getting sued by a client. From expensive legal fees to a tarnished reputation, there are many reasons why you want to avoid getting sued at all costs. That’s why it’s important to act fast if a client has threatened you with a lawsuit and to take the threat seriously, even if you don’t think their claims are worthwhile. Regardless of the reason why you Read More

You Don’t Want to Miss a Thing: Five Benefits of Having a Registered Service Agent for Your Business

When most people start a business, they envision turning a passion or set of skills into a profitable living. What they don’t anticipate is the amount of time they will spend on all the other aspects of beginning and growing their company. Business ownership inevitably requires spending endless hours reviewing contracts, handling disputes, filing paperwork, and dealing with other maintenance tasks that don’t generate Read More

Intellectual Property Law: An Overview of Your Options

Protecting your company’s intellectual property (IP) is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. This is because your IP is one of the most valuable aspects of your business, so making sure it stays safe and secret is essential to your company's continued success. There are several different types of IP and, depending on what your company does, you may need to think about more than one type. Read More

A Brief Guide to California Severance Agreements

Letting an employee go is a stressful situation. Perhaps your needs have changed, and it’s time to go in a new direction. Perhaps you have run into a problem with an employee and firing them is the only option. Although you might be nervous and worried about how the employee will react, there is a way to make this process a little less painful. When the time comes to let an employee go, you can offer what is called a Read More

Protect Your Idea: An Overview of the Patent Process

Protecting your intellectual property is an essential step both in the creative process and in regards to your business. Although there are several different types of IP protection, today we’re here to talk about the patent process. A patent protects inventions. In general, it grants an inventor the right to exclude and prevent anyone else from making, using, offering for sale, or selling their invention in the Read More