Do you have employees or independent contractors? Do you have proper employment documentation and employee manuals in place? Are you wondering if you need to have them?

When you grow to the point where you are hiring employees, it is vital that everyone knows the rules that they’re expected to follow. By implementing proper employment policies and providing a relevant employee handbook to refer to and abide by, you can ensure all personnel are on the same page. It is as important to maintain and update these tools to guard against behaviors and practices that could negatively affect your company. Do you know what you should cover in your policies and procedures? This will depend somewhat on your industry. Most companies will have some standard policies and procedures in place, but a good employee handbook will be tailored to your business.

If you have independent contractors you will need to be sure you have the proper documentation in place and that they actually are independent contractors according to the law. Or else you may find yourself defending on multiple fronts including the Employment Development Department, the labor Commissioner, the Internal Revenue Service and the list goes on.

Let’s face it, there are various kinds of employee policy and guideline documents all of which may look good on paper. The keys to these documents, however, are how well are they implemented and how effectively do they generate the desired results needed by your company. California is notorious for its many employment laws.

If you are unsure about how to properly formulate your employment policies and about how to create the proper collateral essentials that support these policies, contact us today and let’s discuss your best course of action to ensure you and your company are in compliance with both the California and Federal employment law statutes.