5 Items You Need to Include in Your Website’s Privacy Policy

If you run a website, blog, or an app, then having a privacy policy is essential. A privacy policy tells your visitors what data you are collecting from them and how it will be stored and used. The purpose of such a policy, aside from being a requirement under the law, is to build trust with your readers or users, which in turn can help your business thrive at a time when mistrust of the internet and data collection is at an all-time high. So, now that you know you need to have a privacy policy, you might be wondering just what exactly goes in one. Read ahead for our brief overview of what you need to include in your website’s privacy policy.

1.  Notice

It should go without saying that if you are going to collect personal information from your readers, then you have to tell them so on your website. You also have to tell them what you’re collecting and how you plan on using this data.

2.  Consent

Along with providing notice, you should give readers the chance to opt out of having their information used. That means you have to provide them with the means to opt out, either by telling them to close out or by providing a link that will take them where they need to go.

3.  Access

Readers who haven’t opted out should be granted the access they need to see what data you have collected. This way, they can view their own information, make corrections if need be, and rest easier because they can see what type of personal information you are gathering and can maintain control over its accuracy.

4.  Security

You also have to make sure that your readers feel safe and that you are taking appropriate measures to keep their data secure. In your privacy policy, you should detail all of the steps you take to protect their information

5.  Remedies

Finally, reassure your readers that there are actions they can take in the event of a dispute, such as filing a claim or filing suit. In other words, detail what their options are if they believe that your company has not adhered to the terms of its privacy policy. This signals that you can be trusted to manage their data carefully and diligently because you have a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities under the law.

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