How to Get More Done!

Carefully schedule your week and for every day write down the things you have to do. When done, number these items in the order of their real importance.  First thing every morning, you start working on number one and stay with it until it’s completed. Then take number two, and don’t go any further until it’s finished or until you’ve done as much with it as you can. Then proceed to number three, and so on. If you can’t complete everything on schedule, don’t worry. At least you will have taken care of the most important things before getting distracted by items of less importance.

The secret is to do this daily. Evaluate the relative importance of the things you have to get done, establish priorities, record your plan of action, and stick to it. This will increase your efficiency/productivity by 25% or more.

After you have convinced yourself that this system has value, have your employees try it.

Christoph Nauer is founder and owner of Life Coaching With a Twist. The “Twist” is that Christoph, unlike most life coaches, brings over 15 years of experience in ministry, pastoral counseling, and spiritual direction to the coaching process.  If you’re looking for something that addresses the whole “you” and can provide you with a clearer vision and actionable steps, then call now to schedule your free complimentary session… the only thing you have to lose are your problems!

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