Outsourced General Counsel, Who Needs One?

If you own or run a business, you should seriously consider working with an outsourced general counsel regardless of your company’s size.  Attorneys who provide these outsourced legal services generally work with businesses that range in size from one person start-ups to entities that have a few hundred employees for fees that are affordable.   These outside legal counsel typically work with smaller businesses because larger companies usually have one or more attorneys on staff (full-time employees) or sometimes and entire legal department consisting of attorneys, paralegals,and administrative assistants to handle all of the legal needs as they arrive.

An outside counsel who works with their business clients providing the myriad of legal services needed will add countless benefits to your business in many areas and help  provide you with a solid legal foundation.

The general public believes that attorneys are too expensive to work with on an ongoing basis and the only cost effective solution is to avoid lawyers at all costs unless or until you absolutely have to hire a lawyer.  Most attorneys who work as outsourced general counsel will provide ongoing services for a reasonable fee in order to build a relationship with their clients.  These attorneys wish to build these relationships to better serve their clients by immersing themselves in the client’s company, industry, culture and procedures.  All of this functions to better serve our clients in the long run because we can tailor our legal advice to our clients’ business.

If you are wondering how an outsourced general counsel will help your business or what such a lawyer can do for you, read my post about what an outsourced general counsel can do for your company.

What do you think about the idea of having an attorney available for your small business?

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