Small Business Idea, Add a Dash of Planning, Voila!

Got a small business idea?  Many people these days are branching out from the large corporate jobs that were the norm one or two decades ago and going it on their own.  All it takes is a small business idea and a lot of perseverance.  Of course, we all have been witness to how one small business idea can turn into multi-millions or billions of dollars, but that is the exception to the rule and not the norm.  Not saying it cannot happen to you, just putting it all in perspective.

Having a small business idea is a great start, but in order to build that idea into a business it takes a bit more than a song and a prayer.  It takes some intense planning to build that one small business idea into a successful business.  Although with a bit of help from some good trusted advisors to get you started on the right foot and in the right direction, a plan of action and some serious sweat equity, you can build a business from that one small business idea.

Where do you get this small business idea, you might ask.  Well, some people are better than others at coming up with new and exciting ideas, that is certain.  But, just look around you, think about what you wish you had to make life easier, more interesting, or to help you solve a problem.  If you start there, and cannot think of anything, then branch out, talk to friends and family and find out what they think would make their life easier.  Is it something to help them get a fresh meal on the table each night, is it that they need a better way to schedule their daily lives, is it that they want to plan a vacation and don’t know where to start?  There are so many areas that we can all find to make small improvements in our lives.  Once you have some ideas, make a mind map or do a brainstorm about each idea separately and see what you might be able to come up with.  Don’t make any decisions now and don’t tame your thoughts, there are not wrong answers here, just many ideas.  Once you have gone through that process, take a look at what you have.  If nothing jumps out at you, then keep going until something does.

You really will need to find something that you have a deep interest in or you will most likely not be inclined to continue down the road to see your small business idea turn into something that is a viable, successful business.  Most importantly don’t give up, you’ll get there!

If you have a small business idea and don’t know what to do next, Integrated General Counsel can help you determine your next steps.  If you are ready for a results-driven plan of action, contact us either by telephone at (925) 399-1529, schedule yourself into our calendar for an appointment at a time convenient for you, or complete the Contact Kristen form and we will get back to you.


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