Set Yourself Up for Success: Three Key Benefits of Organizing Your Business as a Corporation

There are a variety of legal structures available when you’re forming a business, but a corporation is one of the best for many businesses. A corporation gives your business flexibility while limiting your liability and providing protection for your personal assets. In this blog entry, we’re going to evaluate several key benefits of organizing your business as a corporation. Protection for personal assets. A Read More

Don’t Get Burned by Weak Contracts: Five Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in Your Business Contracts

Solid contracts are critical for every business. Unfortunately, this is an area that business owners often neglect…with disastrous results. Below we identify five especially common mistakes. Is your business making any of these mistakes? Reliance on oral contracts. Oral contracts are often legally valid, but they can be almost impossible to enforce. In a disagreement, it’s easy for one party to state that Read More

California Intellectual Property Law: Understanding the Basics

Star Wars. The iPhone. Google. These California-built icons are a shining example of creativity and business success - and they also illustrate the importance of intellectual property protection. Each of these entities would be nothing without their intellectual property - their logos, their trademarks, their patented designs, their top-secret algorithms. You may not own a film series like Star Wars, a product as Read More

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LLC law is changing on January 1st. Is your LLC ready for the new year?

If you are a member or manager of an LLC you should know that California has adopted the California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act (“RULLCA”, full text here which replaces current LLC law.  RULLCA will take effect on January 1 and applies to all existing California LLCs and foreign LLCs registered with the Secretary of State.  RULLCA should bring California LLC law more in line with the Read More

California Business Attorney Helps Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a California Business Attorney?  Do you know what to look for in a California Business Attorney?  I know, usually you are looking for an attorney when a problem creeps up that you cannot solve.  That problem will continue to haunt you until you can find someone that can help you, be it a business attorney or someone else.  Well, how would you feel if you could have avoided that Read More

Unbundled Legal Services: What’s In It for Me?

Unbundled legal services come in all flavors.  Most lawyers offer full service or a full slate of legal services, so if you purchase their services you have to buy the whole kit and caboodle.  Well, now another option is becoming much more prevalent, unbundled legal services.  Unbundled legal services really means you can purchase just a certain piece of a specific legal service and can be used in multiple Read More

How to Dissolve a Corporation

So, you want to know how to dissolve a corporation?  Of course, when determining how to dissolve a corporation it depends on the state where your corporation is filed.  But, generally speaking, you need to do the following steps: First, when determining how to dissolve a corporation, you should check with the Secretary of State in the state where your corporation is filed to make sure the corporation is in good Read More

Articles of Incorporation: Why?

Why do you need Articles of Incorporation for your corporation?  There are many aspects of forming and maintaining a corporation that are overlooked if you do not get the proper advice.  Usually people understand the articles of incorporation piece of forming their corporation because that is the piece of paper that you need to file with the secretary of state.  The articles of incorporation form your corporation or, Read More

How To Dissolve a Business, Do You Know What To Do?

So, you're asking how to dissolve a business?  Well, I'm sure you know the answer, that is "It depends."  How to dissolve a business is dependent on many factors including what , if any, business entity you have, what kind of business you are running, whether there is debt involved, your reasons for dissolving your business, etc.  All of these pieces must fit together into an orchestrated event to determine how to Read More