Sole Proprietor – What Is It and How Do I Become One?

Acting as a sole proprietor could be the most common form of business.  A sole proprietor is a sole business owner, he or she has no partners.  Also, since there is no distinction between the person and the entity all profits and losses are personal.  Because the entity and the owner of the company are one in the same, any liabilities incurred by the company will be the personal liabilities of the owner and the sole Read More

What Business Entity Should I Create?

In short, it depends.  The business entity that is best suited for your neighbor and her organization is not necessarily the best business entity for you and your company.  There are many discussions that must take place before selecting the best entity structure. In California, there exist 5 basic types of business entities.  They are: Sole Proprietorship - This is probably the simplest of the business structures Read More

What is an Outsourced General Counsel?

Yes, outsourcing is all the rage, sometimes good and sometimes, well.... An outsourced general counsel is an attorney who provides legal services to businesses, their owners and officers on an ongoing basis.  I like to think of your lawyer as an integral piece of your business, your legal "piece" of mind.  Do you need a business lawyer like this? Almost all large corporations have a general counsel or an in-house Read More